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Key Mapper is a program for remapping one's keyboard
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Key Mapper is a program for configuring one's keyboard. This tiny tool allows you to customize your keyboard by remapping keyboard keys to make them act like some other keys, probably those that are not even present on your keyboard.

Keys are divided into several categories. The program offers different pre-set keyboard layouts like number pad (not found on most laptop keyboards), typewriter keys only, and Mac keyboard. To map a key, you will just need to follow some simple steps. You can either use the program's key capture option or simply select a key from the list to create a new mapping. With the key capture option, you need to select a key and press the set button, select a key group and a key from the list, and press map button. The virtual keyboard will display a new key in place of the old one. You can easily disable the mapped key afterwards by just dragging it off the keyboard. Apart from this, you can edit a mapped key, change the key color, toggle the key menu, select another other language for the keyboard from the offered list and much more.

Venugopal Naidu
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  • Provides multiple preset keyboard layouts
  • Multiple language support


  • The program is not compatible with Windows 95 or Windows ME
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